Ammunition Records Requirement

Effective September 1, 2022: Any seller of ammunition or dealer in firearms shall keep either an electronic record, or dataset, or an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically in a computer system approved as to form by the superintendent of state police. In the record shall be entered at the time of every transaction involving ammunition the date, name, age, occupation and residence of any person from whom ammunition is received or to whom ammunition is delivered, and the amount, caliber, manufacturer's name and serial number, or if none, any other distinguishing number or identification mark on such ammunition.


What is the registration requirement in NYS?

If you are a NYS dealer in firearms licensed pursuant to section 400.00 of the New York State Penal Law (i.e., you have a New York State firearms dealer license), you will be automatically registered by the New York State Police as a seller of ammunition and do not need to take any further action. Your FFL number will serve as your registration number.

FFL’s only with no New York State Dealers license must complete the Seller of Ammunition Registration form below.

If you are not currently a New York State firearms dealer, you must complete the Seller of Ammunition Registration form below.

Can anyone register?

No, the law prohibits individuals who have been convicted of a felony offense or who have been involuntarily committed to a mental health facility from selling or possessing ammunition.

How do I register?

You must complete the Seller of Ammunition Registration form below. Simply provide the required information where indicated and mail to the address provided. A confirmation will be sent to you upon the successful processing of your application.

I purchase ammunition for our police department. Can we still receive it directly from the manufacturer?

Yes. All units of government that employ either police or peace officers listed in sections 1.20 and 2.10 of the NYS Criminal Procedure Law are deemed registered Governmental Keepers of Ammunition. Governmental Keepers of Ammunition can purchase and receive ammunition directly from the manufacturer for the official use of police and/or peace officers in their employment. These units of government do not need to take any action to register.

I run a shooting range and buy directly from the ammunition manufacturer. Can we still accept direct shipments of ammunition?

A: Yes, as long as you register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition you can continue to purchase and receive ammunition directly.

You can find the Organizational Keeper of Ammunition Registration and Sworn Statement form below.

Who can register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition?

Anyone acting on behalf of an organization that runs and controls a shooting range, hunting club, training program, safety program, or competition club, where that organization provides ammunition for use on that range and not for retail purposes, can register as an Organizational Keeper of Ammunition. The rules are the same for not-for-profit and for-profit organizations.

Does my registration have an expiration date?

No, your registration will not have an expiration date, however it is subject to revocation if you are no longer able to possess ammunition under federal law.

Is a background check now required for the purchase of ammunition?

Yes, a firearms dealer or ammunition seller may not transfer ownership of ammunition to any purchaser who is not a firearms dealer or ammunition seller, unless the purchaser has first passed a background check.

I have businesses at multiple locations. Do I need to apply for a separate registration for each location?

Yes. A separate registration will be required for each retail location that you have.

I sell premium, high power BB guns, pellet guns, and paint ball guns. Do I need to register to sell ammunition for these items?

No. For this purpose, the term “ammunition” only includes any rimfire or conventional centerfire ammunition, or cartridges designed for use in any rifle, shotgun or firearm.

I sell all of the components for reloading and black powder weapons. Do I need to register?

No. You only need to register if you sell completely assembled ammunition.

My partner and I run the business together. Do we each have to register?

Yes. All partners and owners must register.

I own a store that sells fishing and trapping supplies. During hunting season, I sell .22 caliber bullets and various gauge shotgun rounds. Will I have to register as a Seller of Ammunition to continue occasionally selling ammunition?

Yes. Any individual engaged in the commercial sale of ammunition, whether sporadically or full-time, will be required to mail a registration form to the New York State Police.

I have part-time staff that sometimes work behind the counter and sell ammunition. Do they each have to be registered?

No. Just the owner(s) and/or partners need to register.

Does a background check need to be completed when ammunition is sold to a registered ammunition seller or an organizational keeper of ammunition? 

No, point of sale background checks are not required for sales to registered ammunition sellers or organizational keepers of ammunition.

Does a background check need to be completed when a school trap club or shooting range organization transfers ammunition to a trap shooting participant?

No, the delivery of ammunition to event participants for immediate on-site use would not be a transfer requiring a background check because the school/club/organization would retain ownership of the ammunition.  However, if a portion of the ammunition transferred for the trap shooting event were to remain unused and taken offsite by the participant after the trap shoot, this would be considered a transfer for which a background check would be required.

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